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Shameless Plug Indulged as MDB’s Correspondent Launches Book in Brisbane (Borderline Spam From Usually Credible Outlet Brings Patience of World’s Most Loyal Amateur Sports Readership To Its Proverbial Knees)


“Come one, come all…”

Match Day Burger’s own Nicholas (John, excuse us!) Turner will be launching his book of highbrow fiction at Brisbane’s ‘Avid Reader’ bookshop next Wednesday the, 13th of April.

As well as reading from the book and signing copies, Turner will be chewing the rhetorical fat with none other than Luke Stegemann, a man with literary credentials coming out of his ears (former editor of The Adelaide Review & Melbourne Review, and author of mucho esteem; now associate publisher of The Griffith Review) and much, much more compellingly, a devoted amateur boxing referee and judge (NOW we’re talking).

You never know, if the MDB fanatics outnumber the bookworms and start banging on the aluminium fences, these two hard-bodies might even punch on to satisfy the bloodlust.

Breast-and-or-ass-cheek-signing has/have been pre-approved by Avid Reader’s management, so make sure your MDB tattoos are buffed.

Keen punters should register here – though the event is FREE.  Kick-off is at 6pm. Avid Reader is located at 193 Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane.

Your support is, naturally, enormously appreciated.

MDB correspondent publishes long awaited feast of delicious literary fiction – get in line for a hot one!


Turner’s opus hits the shelves. Hiatus explained…

It is with anthemic, hat-on-heart pride that Match Day Burger announces the publication of a work of fiction by one of our founding contributors, Nicholas (John) Turner. We’re enough thrilled to have birthed this little baby among our ranks that MBD today appears for the first time with a lick of colour- the swirling, facially suggestive Oxford and Cambridge blue of this tome’s tidy cover.

In a spirit of disclosure for those devoted MBD readers tonguing for electrolytic grassroots sporting elixir or a few post-match, elbow-on-mahogany, chortle-inducing war-stories, Turner wishes to make the following declaration, here paraphrased: “This is NOT a book about sport. It’s not even funny. In fact this is flat out high-brow. More grass- than grain-fed if you know what I mean. Wagyu, really. Japanese. Don’t even talk to me about marble scores.”

To give you an idea of what it’s about, we’ve stolen a few words from publisher Savage Motif‘s page:

The debut collection of fiction by Nicholas John Turner describes a world on the fringes of great art; editors, audiences, academics, amateurs, lovers, failures, onlookers and innocent bystanders.

Written predominantly in first person, each of these elusive stories emerges from its narrator’s mind and works its way under the reader’s skin. From a Centenarian stuck in a shrinking Parisian apartment, to twins arranging escorts on the Caribbean Coast; in place of clear narratives, straightforward logic, and neatly extractable meaning, Turner imposes the strange and irreducible philosophies of his marginal narrators. The effect is a series of curious and intimate profiles that brings an unnerving denominator to the surface, and takes the reader where mere pointing will not.

Darkly comic, intellectually playful, its complexity unfolding with originality and deftness, ‘Hang Him When He Is Not There’ is a meditation on the relationship between artists and subjects, creations and beholders, and ultimately between violence and victims.


So if that sounds like your kind of bun-filler, grab your tongs and whip one off the grill.

Available  at independent bookshops across MDB’s locale:

Avid Reader (West End, Brisbane); Little Gnome (Wynnum); Berkelouw Books (Eumundi)

And for interstate, internationals, and the inherently lazy…



Oh, and since this little literary nugget has finally left the lower intestine, MDB is coming back.

Thanks for #stayinghungry!


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