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Match Day Burger Appearing At The Brisbane Writer’s Festival, TODAY (Hibernating Scribblers Go Half-Cocked Into Battle At Literary Chin-Wag In State Library)


Going in blind – Match Day Burger, live and unedited…

Apologies to those of our loyal readers with shirtfronts drenched in Pavlovian drool for a big, tasty burger amid the sheer starvation rations of our off-season. This, sadly, is not a genuine MDB; instead, it is a bit of news, which we consider to be of reasonable public interest for those in receipt.

Match Day Burger will be appearing at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival – and on your radios – at 2pm TODAY! (Friday, 5th of September)

MDB will be sitting on a sportswriting panel called ‘IM YOUR FAN’, along with real-deal public entities, Geoff Woolcock, Lee McGowan, and Kelly Higgins-Devine. The panel endeavors to talk turkey about what it’s like to write on sport, the nature of being a fan, and how well these things go together. It’s a free event, as part of the annual Brisbane Writer’s Festival, and will also be broadcast live on ABC radio (612 AM).

We’ll be sending along our contributor, Nicholas Turner, to talk his way around the subject and harvest a healthy crop of dead air. So please do come along.

When: TODAY, 5th September

Where: State Library, Auditorium 1, South Brisbane

How Much: FREE

Broadcast: Live on 612 AM


Stay Hungry.


2013, A Year In Beef (Our Top Five Match Day Burgers From Grassroots Sporting Venues)


“Carving out a niche in the jam-packed world of online sportswriting is not easy. And for this achievement we must salute the mighty fine Match Day Burger, purveyors of local sport and meat reviews.”

-The Guardian, ‘Best Sportswriting from Around the Web’, 13/11/2013

Dearest readers,

At the conclusion of a brief, inaugural year for MDB, we’ve here assembled a by no means exhaustive countdown of the five most gratifying match day burgers at grassroots sporting venues in 2013. Please enjoy this list of worthwhile fare.

Regular content will recommence next week:

5.  Brisbane Bandits vs Perth Heat; Australian Baseball League; Holloway Park; 8/12/2013

A solid steak burger with the gourmet trimmings of baby spinach over lettuce and Swiss Cheese over your usual cheddar blend. The rare option of carrot also boosting its profile.

photo 4 (640x640)

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4. Western Jaguars vs Logan City Jets, Gold Coast Stingrays vs Kenmore Panthers; Female Gridiron League of Queensland; PJ McIlwain Place; 18/10/2013 

The much talked-about ‘Jag’ burger turned out to be deserving of its hype and reputation. Thin, marinated strip steak, quality cheese, nicely done onion and fresh salad. And the chef will stand behind her burger all night, expecting a review – confidence goes a long way.

photo 1 (2) (640x640)

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3. Queensland Samoa vs Queensland Fiji, Kings and Queens of Pacific Island Rugby Tournament; Logan City Rugby Club, Meakin Park; 23/11/2013

                Traditional, ultra-hearty subterranean Hangi, heavy on the chicken, stuffing and starch. Points for cultural idiosyncrasy, but also a damn good spread.

photo 3 (1) (640x640)

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2. Nudgee College vs. Gregory Terrace; Brisbane GPS Rugby; Ross Oval; 24/8/2013

                A rock solid schoolboy burger, with a quality patty and a free-for-all on the help-yourself salads. Served by a veritable carousel of ultra-chirpy mums that look you in the eye when they’re preparing your fare – some of the nicest service on the circuit. (Sadly, no image available…)


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1. Clifton Cup Horse Races; Clifton Race Track & Recreational Grounds; 26/10/2013

                Hands down the most delicious hunk of bread-bracketed beef to have made it into our reporters’ mouths this season. Purist, no-frills marinated steak burger that managed to be grassroots ugly and truly delicious. Double points for not even nearly fitting into a standard-sized bun.

photo 2 (2) (640x640)

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Thanks for your support over the past few months. We’ll continue to provide, “some of the best sportswriting online today…” (The Guardian), so all you need to do is keep spreading the word, stay safe and stay hungry.

– Scott & Nicholas

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